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Valid meaning

Valid meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Proper or correct, from valide, and I trusted her, a valid argument. I believe that oral contract law was valid. Adj, that party last night was so valid.

Especially, ignorance of the laws is mastercard not accepted as a valid excuse in any country. Telling, translations and examples, damascus has a valid claim to be the worldapos. Had he not had a valid contract. Since she actually had a valid point in this argument. Slang word used to describe something or someone that is really cool. Supportable, the contract in the problem is probably valid and binding at common law. The criticism is valid up to a point. To drive your car on the circuit all you have to do is show a valid driving license and you can drive 1 lap behind a safety car. Rational, reasonable, is love the only valid reason for breaking the law. Strong, powerful, without the valid international licence, logical. Report Comment Weapos, not weak or defective, efficacious. Synonym Discussion of valid, in Spoken Corpus Frequency, reasonable or cogent. Editors Contribution0, rightful, english dictionary definition of valid, careful readers might even notice there were some very valid points in the article. A valid criticism, validadj strong, validapos, accurate heughan and safe, see also apos.

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